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(Yahoo!) - A story oft replayed, Britney Spears takes the role of the other woman in her sexy, yet down-to-earth music video for "Perfume." It's refreshing to see the singer away from the hyper-glam pop spotlight for once for a treatment that's more akin to a Miranda Lambert video than a Britney video.

We like to fantasize that if Brit Brit wasn't a pop singer, this video would be her life: Small town in Mississippi, romancing a ruggedly handsome man, driving around in vintage pick-ups. But perhaps the surprising element of the video is that it is bereft of her usual aggressive product placement, minus Brit Brit's own "Fantasy" perfume, of course.

After being slapped in the face with a black leather-gloved hand with Spears's "Work B*tch" video (which was so provocative that even Britney herself was made uncomfortable), "Perfume" provides the perfect palate cleanser and re-enforces Spears's sometimes-forgotten role as the ultimate girl next door, lacy white lingerie and all.

And by the way, Spears looks pretty phenomenal getting all angsty in her undies.

Check it out!