I am doing the show live  Thursday from Washington, DC, to focus on illegal immigration.  Maybe you haven't heard but Tucson is pretty close to the border.  FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) put together a collection of great guests and I'll be speaking with the best of the best.


6:05 - Peggy and Fred Davis are fourth generation ranchers near Tombstone.  They'll tell you what they see every day including the dangers and lack or help from the government.  Wait until you hear how they have to live.


7:05 - Maria Espinoza is the Director of The Remembrance Project.  Lots of group stand up for illegal immigrants but Maria stands up for victims of illegal immigration.  Plus, she is a first generation American so it'll be interesting to hear how she formed her beliefs about illegal immigration.


7:40 - Robert Vandervoort is the Executive Director of ProEnglish.  He backs English as the official language because he'll explain how that helps people move up the economic ladder.  And do you remember the story about the nursing student at Pima Community College that asked PCC to require students to "please speak English" in class? PCC suspended her for 9 months so Robert and ProEnglish are helping her.


8:05 - Dennis Michael Lynch talks about...do you really have to ask?