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Immigrant Mother Fears Deportation, 
Seeks Sanctuary Inside Catholic Diocese of Tucson

Herminia pleas with Bishop Kicanas to give refuge to her family, Vigil at 8P


TUCSON, AZ— Herminia Rojas entered the Catholic Diocese of Tucson today at 130PM seeking Sanctuary, fearing retaliation from ICE because of her activism. There will be a vigil tonight at the Saint Augustine Cathedral in Tucson at 8PM.


WHAT: Vigil for mother seeking sanctuary

WHERE: 192 S. Stone Ave. Tucson AZ 87501                                               



Herminia, an undocumented immigrant, is seeking sanctuary because of recent threats made against her and her family by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “They [ICE] have threatened to put me and my 13 year old daughter, Fatima Rojas, in immigration detention. I am afraid they’ll come to my house and deport me any day now. I can’t keep living like this.”


Herminia came under attack by ICE agents after recently taking up the case of her 19 year old daughter, Rosie Rojas, who is currently detained at the Eloy Immigration Prison, in Eloy, Arizona. She was part of the national #BringThemHome campaign led by the National Immigrant Youth Alliance.


ICE is retaliating against this mother in response to her speaking out against her daughter’s unlawful detention, according to Cinthia Marroquin, legal coordinator for the National Immigrant Youth Alliance. “Rosie has been held in this center since September of last year. Rosie presented herself at the U.S. Nogales Port of Entry, citing fears of living in Mexico, and requesting asylum. Instead of following the law, and giving her a hearing, ICE has arbitrarily decided to hold Rosie in custody, with no timeline of release.” 


She is following the example of Elvira Arellano, who famously took sanctuary inside a church for over a year in 2007. Elvira, who came back to the US with the #BringThemHome campaign, has expressed her support.


Herminia seeks the support of Tucson Diocese Bishop Kicanas. This week, Bishop Kicanas will be hosting 8 Bishops from around the country for a mass at the Nogales border to call attention to the humanitarian consequences of the broken U.S. immigration system.