I got this email from a listener that is an Indian:

I am a registererd member of the Miami Nation of Indians of Ohio.  I live in Tucson now.  In 1972 the Tribal Leaders of the Miami's signed a resolution with the University of Miami (in Ohio) praising their use of mascot and term "Redskins."  The link will take you to the University of Miami website and you will see a scanned copy of the signed document.  It CLEARLY shows that the Tribal leaders thought of the name redskins as "revered and honored" and that they were "proud" to have the university carry the name.

In the mid-1990's the school changed the name to the Redhawks.  This came about because ONE sociology professor decided the name was racist and began teaching that theme to his students.  He then encouraged the students to stage protests and activists types events on campus to change the schools nickname.  This ONE nutjob professor decided that his narrative was more important than the history and the signed declaration of support by Tribal Leaders.