I check Mark Kelly's Facebook page to see what he wrote about the California shooting.  This is what he wrote:

Gabby and I are praying for the victims of last night’s horrific tragedy in Isla Vista, California. Every time we learn of another senseless shooting like this one, our hearts break, and we know that no words will bring peace to the families who lost loved ones. Like so many in the Isla Vista community, we are angry and shocked. But we are also grateful to the first responders who acted with such courage last night. We are hoping for strength for those who were injured.

It's a very respectful statement.  But he wrote this in a private email to members of his Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC:

These mass shooting are too often followed by stories about the perpetrator's history of severe mental illness. Thankfully taking action on mental health and protecting women from gun violence are issues Democrats and Republicans can agree on – despite the filibuster of expanded background checks last year.

Congress must stop hiding behind the excuse of politics and take up this issue to ensure the dangerously mentally ill don't have easy access to guns and to protect women from gun death and intimidation.

Click here for the story about this.

I can't believe he went there but he did.  The killer murdered 4 men and 2 women but they focused on women.  And he killed 3 of the 6 with a knife.