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VIDEO: Did The Zoo Have To Kill This Giraffe?

VIDEO: Did The Zoo Have To Kill This Giraffe?
Posted February 11th, 2014 @ 7:56am


Zoo Shoots, Dissects Young Giraffe—Feeds It to Lions

(NEWSER) – The Copenhagen Zoo is facing more than a little wrath today after it put down a healthy young male giraffe with a bolt pistol and fed its meat to zoo carnivores—all over concerns about inbreeding, reports the AP. Two-year-old Marius was considered "surplus," reports theBBC, because he was genetically similar—yet inferior—to many giraffes already within the breeding program of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria. The over-the-top part? Zoo workers then dissected Marius in front of a crowd that included many children, then fed him to lions. (There are photos in the gallery, but be warned that they are graphic.) A zoo rep stands by the animal's destruction, noting that it's responsible practice. "Giraffes today breed very well, and when they do you have to choose and make sure the ones you keep are the ones with the best genes," he says, adding that the zoo puts down some 20 to 30 animals per year.

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