Watch Rep Ron Barber admit he's known about the VA problems for 7 years.  Do you think he really knew about the waiting lists being destroyed and lies or just veterans calling he and Giffords complaining about the generic long waiting time to see a doctor? This video is being pushed by Martha McSally.

Here is the transcript:

"You know, it's not just about what's happening at these particular locations. We have a systemic problem with the VA."

"We know it from our office, where, over the last, uh, almost seven years, since I joined Congresswoman Giffords as her District Director and now in my own right as a member, the most frequent calls that we get from constituents is about help with the VA."

"Long delays in benefits, their paperwork is lost (inaudible)."

"There are some very simple straightforward things we could be doing about this. For example, we could finally put our foot down and say, "The Department of Defense and the VA have to share medical records more timely, so that when you leave active duty service and you go to the Veterans Administration, there's a simple process, cut away all that paperwork and expedite payments and benefits and revenues that they deserve.""


"So you know that we both stand very strongly in favor of changes at the VA, not just in light of the most recent, horrific allegations, but because we know that for many, many years now, we've had a systemic problem with the bureaucracy that's full of red-tape..."