Her name is Meagan Simmons, but she is better known across the Internet as "attractive inmate" thanks to a sultry mugshot that followed her arrest on DUI charges in 2010. While the Florida resident has embraced her new found fame to some extent, she's now drawing a line, and has filed suit against InmateCheck.com, which offers background checks and has been using her mugshot without permission. (It's accompanied by the words, "Sometimes the cute ones aren't innocent.") Mugshots are typically fair game for public use, but "at the end of the day, this is actually about intellectual property," her attorney says. "If someone is going to use your image, they need to pay you for it." The mother of four got a kick out of the attention when the photo first went viral, even saying she'd be willing to pose for Playboy. "It was nice and funny at first, and then it started getting scary," she said last year. "I have four little people to worry about, not just myself."