Police showed up at Skip Bynum's house in Dallas last Saturday after his friends reported that the 67-year-old was missing. It wasn't until Thursday that searchers finally found his body amid decades of junk he had hoarded over the years. In fact, the piles were so high that authorities had to cut holes in the roof and get in through the attic. Still, it wasn't until police got a warrant to begin hauling out the clutter that Bynum was found. The cause of death isn't known yet. Neighbors say they knew Bynum had a problem but didn't feel the need to report it. "I wasn't going to go in and intervene and say, 'Dude, go clean up your house,'" one said. The city is going to decide in the next few days whether the house needs to be demolished, and neighbors already are bracing for an onslaught of rats if it comes down. One bright spot: A friend was able to rescue Bynum's chihuahua from the mess.