When Shannon Dominguez and her boyfriend Alan Mason saw a young boy in what she describes as a car in direct sunlight with its windows up in a Colorado Dollar Tree parking lot last month, they called 911. Within minutes, however, Dominguez was fearing for her own life. The boy's mom, Kristina Riddell, "heard me on the phone with police," threatened her, then punched her boyfriend in the face. Then, as the couple stood in an empty parking spot, Riddell got in her car and sped toward the pair, striking Dominguez, then Mason, before fleeing the scene. Doctors tell Dominguez she may never walk the same way again. Mason says he suffered internal and external bruising after he flew over the woman's hood, grabbed onto her door to try and get her to stop, and "she drug me about 20 feet." Still, they don't regret making the call. Riddell, 27, was later arrested and faces assault, hit-and-run, and child abuse charges.