A Detroit driver's truck hit an 11-year-old boy yesterday, but the boy is in better condition than the driver—because after he stopped and got out to check on the boy, he was beaten by a crowd of onlookers. "He got his," one anonymous witness said. "He got beat up real bad." He also got his wallet stolen. What's not clear is why: The unnamed 54-year-old does not appear to have broken any traffic laws, and only hit the boy because the child stepped off the curb in front of the truck, police say. It was "just an accident," says one police officer. "The man did try to stop and render aid. He did everything he could exactly right." Now he's in critical condition with serious head injuries, and "could potentially die," the officer adds. Apparently, locals are unhappy with the way cars speed up and down the street, where children routinely play, though no one has said this driver was speeding. Police are looking for the men involved.