A Florida was taken off life support at the request of his "stepbrother" – only for it to later emerge that the man was only an acquaintance. On May 30th, Roger MacKinnon began having chest pains and asked his "friend" and "drinking buddy" Richard Leclair to take him to hospital. During an exploratory procedure, MacKinnon's heart stopped. For the next three days, he lapsed in an out of a coma before remaining completely comatose for the next three. That was when Leclair sprang into action. Along with his wife, Leclair met with MacKinnon's doctor and illegally authorized the hospital to turn off his life support. Shortly after, Leclair cleared out MacKinnon's house and stole $118,000 from his bank account. The lawyer for MacKinnon's family said the hospital never once asked Leclair for proof of his relationship. Leclair has pleaded no contest to trespassing and grand theft, and is currently on probation.