A college student is wishing she could turn back the clock after mistakenly texting a nude to her father - instead of her boyfriend. Nyjah Amhari Cousar from Inglewood, California, sent an image of herself while in the shower to 'Daddy' rather than her beau 'Dasquan' according to her Twitter feed. Her dismayed father wrote back to her text message: 'Are you serious? Is this what you do while you're at school?? for Money?' He then proceeded to call her several times. 'Nyjah I'm very dispointed that you aren't answering my calls. I spoke with your mother and she's dispaointed as well. I'll be at your house as soon as I get off so answer the door,' he texted. according to Nyjah's screen grabs. Locking herself in the bathroom, he demands that she open the door. Once Nyjah lets her father in, he scolds her for being 'disrespectful'.

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