A mother who took her 4-month-old to a concert says she was asked to leave because she had been breastfeeding in public. Officials claim Megan Christopherson was asked to leave because they feared for the safety of her child. She was at Brad Paisley's concert on Thursday night when the incident occurred. A Chula Vista, Calif., police officer approached the woman and said he was worried about both the baby's hearing and her safety. Christopherson — who was also with her 8-year-old daughter — argues that the baby is fine, asleep and had been taken to a previous concert. She left after being offered the chance to go to a seated area free of charge or get a refund. But others claim she was ejected because of breastfeeding. "It's a country concert. I wasn't at a death metal or a rap concert. It's pretty somber at country concerts," she said, adding that she trusted her motherly instincts.