A 42-year-old teacher performed a "full contact" lap dance on a middle school student in front of his Texas classmates. Felicia Smith was charged Thursday with having an improper relationship with a student because of her alleged 4-minute risque performance on a boy celebrating his 15th birthday in February. The teen told investigators that he sat in a chair next to Smith's desk as she moved back and forth on his crotch and touched him all over his body. Near the end of the dance, the student said Smith sank to her knees and put her head between his legs. The incident reportedly happened in front of the other students during class. The student admitted that he spanked Smith's buttocks a couple of times. As music played, Smith said "I love you, baby. Happy Birthday," according to the boy's statement. Police claim that Smith said the students persuaded her to grind on the teen. Smith was removed from teaching while her case is pending.