An elementary teacher in Tennessee was suspended for telling a third grader to punch a second grader in the face twice. The incident happened after two boys got in a fight on the school bus on the way home from school. "The little boy (third grader) had pushed him and hit his brother and cousin. So he hit him back," said Brandie Dobson, the second grader's mother. The teacher, Rebecca Cassel, found out about the incident the following day and took the boys into an empty classroom to finish the fight, bringing another teacher along to serve as a witness. "She had told, told the little boy to hit my son. My understanding, he hit him. She didn't feel like it was good enough, so she had him hit him again in the face," Dobson said. "He had to go back to his class, bawling, crying, red-faced and humiliated. There's two teachers in the classroom. Someone could have notified me or the other teacher could have stopped it." Cassel will not face criminal charges.