A 3-year-old in Oregon climbed into his aunt's Jeep, drove it through an intersection, and crashed into a house. Earlier, a police officer had spotted the boy playing by himself in the parked Jeep and woke up a relative in his house, 22-year-old Brennan Pennington, to say that the child had been in the vehicle with the keys. Half hour later, police got a call about the crash. The boy knocked the Jeep out of gear before driving it along the block, onto a curb, across a lawn, and into the side of a house. He then ran home in his diaper to watch cartoons—which is where an officer found him "as if nothing had ever happened." The boy's aunt called it an accident, saying the Jeep was parked on an incline (where the boy apparently popped it into neutral and coasted down the street). The family reached a "civil compromise" with the owner of the damaged house, and Pennington was charged with failure to supervise a child.