A Sacramento woman who was dating a man that died of a drug overdose in 2005 claims that his ghost began haunting her 2002 GMC pickup just days after his death. Deanna Stinson says she had so many encounters with the deceased 22-year-old that she sold the car. "I could feel touching on my hair and on my shoulders, on my thighs, just everywhere," she said. "My concentration would be lost a lot of the times, but I would just pray, and then it would stop. I would say, 'OK, now you're scaring me, stop,'" she said. "Every time I would think about him, I could feel him." When Alex's ghost followed her to her new car, Stinson called in paranormal investigator Paul Dale Roberts. After using electronic equipment to test the vehicle, Roberts determined that Alex is "probably not attached to his car, but he's attached to Deanna." Alex might not stay attached for too long, as Stinson and Roberts got married in April.

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