Tanning Salon Under Fire For Charging Bigger Women More

Plenty of women like their skin to have a nice bronze to it and are happy to shell out some cash for spray tans to get the look they are going for. One woman reached out to a tanning salon owner to find out how much it will cost her to get a spray tan. The business owner responded, letting her know that the typically charge is $35, however, she added that she was looking at the potential customer's Instagram and was curious what her size is. Surprised, the woman let her know she is a 10-12 and asked why, only to be told by the spray tanner that her typical clients are size 8 and that there would be a $20 surcharge for her because "there's more surface area if you know what I mean."

The woman was so shocked about the price difference that she turned to a Facebook group to ask if it was normal for spray tanners to charge women more based on their size. The salon owner found out about the post and wrote to the woman once again, saying, "Yeah hi. I saw your post in advice and if you don't want to pay a $20 surcharge, maybe lose a little. Not trying to be mean, it's just the industry."

Commenters have been disgusted over the exchange, with one tanning salon owner writing, "I am a professional spray tanner and this absolutely disgusts me! The whole point of our job is to make every single person that walks into our studio feel beautiful and confident in their own skin! Nobody should be made to pay extra based on their size."

Another had a good point, asking if the salon owner charges more for taller women as well, while someone else chimed in to note that she was 36 weeks pregnant and wondered if she would get hit with a fee for that.

As yet, the salon owner hasn't apologized.

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