Girl, 11, Brings Loaded AR-15 To Idaho Committee Hearing On Gun Legislation

Sale Of Automatic Weapons Comes Under Scrutiny After Orlando Shootings

An 11-year-old girl showed up to a legislative hearing in Idaho armed with a loaded AR-15. Her grandfather, Charles Nielsen, addressed the committee to voice his support for a proposal that would permit visitors to the state who are legally allowed to own firearms to carry a concealed handgun.

He told them the AR-15 was loaded, and then bragged about her skills with the weapon.

"Bailey is carrying a loaded AR-15," Nielsen said. "People live in fear, terrified of that which they do not understand. She's been shooting since she was 5 years old. She got her first deer with this weapon at 9. She carries it responsibly. She knows how not to put her finger on the trigger. We live in fear in a society that is fed fear on a daily basis."

Members of the committee did not react when Charles said the gun was loaded. Guns are a common sight in the Statehouse, especially when lawmakers are debating gun legislation. Some lawmakers even concealed carry during the hearings.

Bailey did not speak during the hearing and just stood by her grandfather's side with the rifle slung over her back.

Lawmakers in the committee voted to send the bill to the full House. If it becomes law, Idaho will join 13 other states that allow both residents and non-residents to concealed carry without a permit.

Photo: Getty Images

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