New Jersey Man Buys Gas With $100 Bill Marked 'For Motion Picture Use Only'

fake $100 bill

A New Jersey man managed to use a fake $100 bill to purchase gas, even though the money was marked "For Motion Picture Use Only." Police said that Thaimu Kargbo, who is from Princeton, put $15 of gas in his car and then used the fake money to pay. The clerk didn't notice the markings on the bill and handed him $85 in change.

The South Brunswick Police Department used surveillance footage from the gas station to track down Kargbo, and he was taken into custody. He told the police he was surprised the clerk accepted the fake money. He was charged with forgery and theft.

The cops shared a photo of the fake money on Twitter.

"SERIOUSLY....this is the fake $100 dollar bill a suspect passed at a local gas station. Detectives tracked down the 20 year old Montgomery man who admitted he was surprised the clerk took the money labeled "For Motion Picture Use Only". #FakeMoney"

Police said this wasn't the first time that Kargbo was wanted in connection with a crime at the gas station. Last year, he filled the tank in his BMW and drove away without paying.

Photo: South Brunswick Police Department

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