Four-Year-Old Alabama Girl Survives Two Days Lost In The Woods With Her Dog

A four-year-old girl has been reunited with her family after spending two days lost in the woods with her dog near her Alabama home. Evelyn Sides was walking her hound dog, Lucy, last week when they both disappeared without a trace.

Her parents called the police, and they began a massive search in the area. Hundreds of officers from multiple agencies spent two nights combing the area looking for any sign of Evelyn or Lucy. Despite using helicopters and drones, they could not find her.

On Friday (March 27), officials asked the public to join the search. Within hours, a search team found Evelyn sleeping in the woods. She was about one mile from her home.

"It was such an amazing sight," one of the volunteer searchers, Col. Edward D. Casey of the Alabama Air National Guard, told The New York Times. "She woke up, stood up and we saw it was her. It was so, so surreal and so amazing. And what's more amazing was how calm she was."

Lucy ran off when the rescue team approached, but they found her the next day. Evelyn was taken to the hospital, where she is recovering.

Her mother, Amanda, posted a video on Facebook of Evelyn describing her ordeal in the woods. She explained how she slid down a waterfall and slept by a road during her first night.

"I slided, slided down a waterfall that was so slippery it was just — shoo," she said.

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