Here's How Much Arizonans Typically Spend On Holiday Gifts

Photo: Getty Images

The holiday season is in full swing and people have already started shopping for the perfect holiday gifts.

Zippia conducted research to find out just how much each state spends on holiday gifts. The website states, ", a career resource website, conducted a study of 1,900 workers across the US to better understand what this holiday season looks like for workers. Each respondent was asked the same series of questions and recruited through Clickworker, a leading survey platform. The “how much will you spend on Christmas gifts” number featured on the map is the most common response received."

According to the study, Arizonans plan on spending less than $250 on holiday gifts.

Some states are big spenders, like Alaska, spending upwards of $1,500 on gifts. 50 percent of people in the United States spend less than $250 on holiday gifts, while 90 percent of people spend less than $1,000 on holiday gifts. Only 1 percent of workers in the country plan on spending more than $2,000 on gifts this year.

Check out the full study to see how much each state plans on spending on holidays gifts this year on Zippia's website.

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