Tucson City Council Woman Regina Romero Goes Off On Trump's EO Regarding Sanctuary Cities

(Photo via Votereginaromero.com)

"Our newly inaugurated president has begun to take frightening steps towards exacerbating the divides that exist between communities in our nation. In a deeply concerning announcement this morning, President Trump insisted that he was going to build the border wall and have Mexico pay for it. He also plans to triple enforcement and removal operations within the U.S.

“Rather than working to bring the United States of America together, our President seems intent on enhancing the divisions that are pulling us apart,” said Vice Mayor Regina Romero.

Through his rhetoric, and now through executive actions, President Trump finds a way to alienate most people; he chides the 30 million Americans who live in sanctuary cities and threatens to withhold federal dollars from them – this includes five of our nation’s six largest cities.

President Trump vilifies the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. He mocks the 66 million citizens who did not vote for him last November. When you include the comments and offensive actions directed at Muslims, women, the LGBTQ community, African Americans, and disabled Americans, there just aren’t that many people left in Donald Trump’s America.

Here in Tucson we have made our values clear. Just last month we re-emphasized our commitment to prohibiting collaboration between the Tucson Police Department and federal authorities in the case of large-scale deportation initiatives. Our community led the way during the original Sanctuary Movement of the 1980’s, when local churches worked to protect Central American refugees fleeing civil conflict.

I fear that this is only the beginning. I call on all Americans to resist the divide and conquer strategy of the Trump White House. Please call the White House, your U.S. Senators, and your Congressional Representative today to voice your opinion. The President will need the support of Congress to fund his initiatives, please make your voice heard today."

Garret Lewis

Garret Lewis

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