Rep Gosar Backs Kelli Ward, Calls McSally "Never Trumper"

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar has thrown his support behind Kelli Ward.  He even called Martha McSally a "Never Trumper."  Here is his statement:

“I have known Dr. Kelli Ward, and worked with her in public service, for years. We both know how critical this election is, and the role Arizona will play in supporting the agenda to make America great again. Putting a real conservative in the U.S. Senate is critical for the future of our country. We cannot afford another establishment patsy who promises one thing and votes differently. Arizona has suffered for years with a lackluster senate delegation that promised one thing during the election and did another back in D.C – Kelli is not like that.   Her opponent, Martha McSally, is. In my time working with Martha, I found her, though likable personally, to be very inconsistent politically. None of us can count on Martha keeping a campaign promise as she will fall for whatever the D.C. elite tells her to do at the time. I have seen that firsthand.  The most important issue facing our country is our unsecured and open borders. Kelli knows how critical this is and she will not cave to the leftists in their demands for amnesty, open borders, and endless welfare entitlements. Her opponent, unfortunately, has failed to grasp how critical this is to Arizona and the country, and has many times supported blanket amnesty to criminals. This disqualifies her as a credible candidate in this race. Kelli has proven she votes the way she talks – like a true American who loves her country and supports her President. This election will determine if Arizona has a senator who supports the American people and President Trump or a ‘Never Trumper.’ This election is between someone committed in their heart to real American values and securing our border or someone who supports amnesty, criminals and border jumpers. If you believe we can make America great again, and believe in our nation, then Dr. Kelli Ward is the only option. She deserves our support and our vote. I would be proud to serve in Congress with her as our Senator.”

Garret Lewis

Garret Lewis

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