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Garret Lewis

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Garret's Recommendations For The Primary

I have received an insane amount of requests to list who I support in the Arizona primary. Here you go.

Governor - Kari Lake

Senator- Blake Masters

Congress: Eli Crane (CD2), Kathleen Winn (CD6), Luis Pozzolo (CD7)

AG - Abraham Hamadeh

Secretary of State - Shawna Bolick

State Superintendent of Schools - Shiry Sapir

Treasurer - Bob Lettieri

LD 3:

State House - Joseph Chaplik (LD 3)

LD 7:

State Senate - Wendy Rogers (LD 7)

LD 17:

State Senate - Justine Wadsack (LD17)

State House - Cory McGarr, Rachel Jones (LD17)

LD 18:

Stan Caine and Linda Evans

LD 29:

State House - Austin Smith (LD 29)

State Senate - Janae Shamp (LD29)

Corporation Commission:

Kevin Thompson

Nicholas Myers

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