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Ignoring the Buffalo criminal’s OWN WORDS does grave damage

The man who grotesquely took the lives of ten others in Buffalo, NY last weekend has been painted by the mainstream media to be a Fox News-obsessed and Tucker Carlson-watching conservative. Rolling Stone even described him as a ‘mainstream Republican.’ But that analysis couldn’t be further from the proof. Glenn reads the criminal's OWN WORDS, which prove he was FAR from a freedom-loving Constitutionalist. And if those in the press continue to blatantly ignore his own words, then they’ll not only cause grave damage, but they will make the problem even worse…

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GLENN: Anyway there's a story from the Washington Examiner that is really important today. The New York man, who shot up a Buffalo supermarket on Sunday kept no secrets about how and why he planned to murder as many blacks as possible. Of course, we know from the mainstream media, that reason is: He's a white supremacist Republican.

However, that doesn't seem to be true.

PAT: Hmm.

GLENN: The corporate media has -- from -- from the very get-go, tried to associate him with the Republicans. Say that he's a conservative. Say that he got all of his training with Tucker Carlson. But, you know, it's weird. It's weird. In the 180-page document, authored by the shooter, he doesn't mention Tucker Carlson, not even once. Not at all. Not at all.

There is one mention of Fox News. And it's an infographic, showing the top Fox News hosts such as Maria Bartiromo, and Greg Gutfeld, as being Jewish. He then also says, Rupert Murdoch is a Christian Zionist, who may have Jewish ancestry. Although, it's never been publicly admitted.

So -- oh. Another thing. Ben Shapiro is mentioned multiple times, including as an example as the rat of the Jewish people.

PAT: Oh.

GLENN: So gosh, that doesn't sound conservative to me. Doesn't sound Republican. Doesn't sound like he's learned anything from anybody that is on the right.

Moreover. He has described himself as an ethnonationalist, and eco fascist, national socialist.

He loathes Libertarianism. And conservatism, in particular. Ask yourself, I'm quoting from him, truly. What has the modern conservative managed to conserve.

Not a thing has been conserved other than corporate profits and the ever increasing wealth of the 1 percent that exploit the people for their own benefit.

Does that sound at all like a Republican.

PAT: He sounds like a president of a Republican Party, doesn't he?

GLENN: He does. Conservatism is dead, thank God. Now let's bury it and move on to something of worth. The shooter admits, he's a socialist, depending on the definition.

Now, listen to this. He wrote, worker ownership of the means of production, well, it depends on those -- who those workers are. Their intentions. Who currently owns the mean of production. Their intentions. And who currently owns the state and their intentions. So, in other words, if the workers are black, no. They shouldn't own that. If the government is black, no. They shouldn't be into owning all of the means of production. But if it's a white nationalist government, I'm all in. Does that sound like somebody, that likes the Constitution?

The diatribe implies those workers better be white Gentiles who worship mother earth. Now, here is where he really starts to bring in his environmentalism, which is so incredibly conservative.

Green nationalism is the only true nationalism, he writes. There is no conservatism, without nature. There is no nationalism, without environmentalism.

The natural environment of our land shaped us, just as we shaped it. We are born from our lands and our own culture was molded by those same lands.

The protection and preservation of these lands, is the same important as the protection and preservation of our own ideals and beliefs.

For too long, we have allowed the left, to co-opt the environmentalist movement and serve their own needs. By the way, you're now starting to get to who he really is.

And it is something that I think this will be the only large conservative audience that has even heard about what I'm about to show you. The left has controlled all discussion regarding environmental preservation, while simultaneously presiding over the continued destruction of the natural environment itself through mass immigration and uncontrolled urbanization.

While offering no true solution to either issue. There is no green future, with never-ending population growth. Malthusian. The ideal green world cannot exist in the world of 100 billion, 50 billion, or even 10 billion people. Continued immigration, into Europe, is environmental warfare. And ultimately destructive to nature itself. So the guy is Malthusian. The guy is one of these old-style conservations that say the only way too conserve is to kill people.

Europe, of the future, is not one of concrete and steel. Smog and wires. But a place of forest, lakes, mountains, and meadows. You've got to depopulate. Not a place where English is the de facto language. But a place where every single language, belief, and tradition, is valued. Let me say this again. Does anybody recognize this yet?

Not a place where English is the de facto language. But a place where every single language, belief, and tradition, is valued.

Each nation and each ethnicity is molded by their own environment. And if they are to be protected, so must their environments.

There is no traditionalism, without environmentalism. This guy is a capital T, traditionalist. Which I have told you comes from Russia. Who has educated this guy?

Most likely, Aleksandr Dugin, or one of his kind. The fascination with fascism and the environment. And white supremacy. And anti-Semitism.

This is Germany. This is Germany. But he takes also the view that people are less important than the planet.

And he said that he was killing blacks. Quote, because Jews ask be dealt with in time. But the high fertility placers will destroy us now. End quote.

This guy is sick, twisted. Clearly a Nazi. Says he's a socialist, and a fascist. That is not a Republican. And you are doing grave damage and you are doing -- you are causing the problem to get worse. By ignoring the true problem, and blaming it on Republicans. He was not radicalized by watching Fox News. He was not listening to Ben Shapiro on his way to work, or anybody like me.

He was most likely a fan of Aleksandr Dugin. And a fan of the Green New Deal.

What do you say we stop trying to be armchair warriors, and -- and armchair coaches, and say, you know what, why don't we actually look at how the game was played, and what the player said he was trying to do.

Let's look at who in guy said he was. Instead of inventing something brand-new. But that's not really possible.

Did you see the article in rolling stone yesterday? The editorial written by Talia Lavin? Now, she's written several articles. But the media is not connecting the dots. Obviously, they are endorsing her.

I don't know how she got an article into rolling stone. The headline yesterday. Buffalo shooter is not a lone wolf.

He's a mainstream Republican. The right-wing extremist who control the modern GOP are gripped by racist delusions. The shooter is just the latest to act on it. Okay.

So how can she go into this? I'm not even going to give you the article.

This is the only article that she's ever written for rolling stone. So who is she?

Well, she's a, quote, unquote, journalist. Okay? Air quotes. Journalist.

And I don't mean journalist, even in the new sense of journalist. You know, where it means activist. Not actually journalist. She's much worse than that.

Listen to her record. She has a book out. The culture warlords, my journey into the dark web of white supremacy.

She was also fired from her job at the New Yorker, as, get this, a fact-checker. Because she called an ICE immigration and customs enforcement, the group, neo-Nazis.

She said, there was one ICE person that had a neo-Nazi tattoo, she says. This is a fact-checker. In the emblem of the Nazis. No, it actually wasn't. It was a tattoo of the guy's platoon. Because he was a Marine and wounded in action. Which she, of course, blamed ICE. She said they targeted her -- you know, just for being, in her words, a fat Jewish feminist, with a Harvard education.

No. Actually, you were fired from your job. Because the New Yorker hired you as a fact-checker. You got all of the facts wrong. She even lost her professor gig at NYU. NYU canceled her class.

She also is a big defender of George Soros. An article in the Washington Post. Conspiracy theories about Soros are false. They are anti-Semitic. She's a huge defender of George Soros.

I wonder -- oh, I actually don't. I just saw on her resume, she worked for Media Matters. Oh, okay.

So here are some of the headlines, that she's written in the past. The far right continues to spread the conspiracy theory, that inspired the sin outgoing shooter. YouTube banned Alex Jones. But it's letting white supremacist content thrive. So YouTube is very, very right-wing, and pro white supremacy. Backlash to professor's anti-Kavanaugh tweet illustrates the content pipeline from 4chan to the Tucker Carlson Show.

How the Russian concept of info noise can help American outlets cover Trump. How YouTube facilitates right-wing radicalization.

In drawing equivalences between white supremacists and Antifa, media outlets obscure ideologies and impacts. She thinks Antifa is -- that they're all heroes.

A list of right-wing amplifiers of QAnon conspiracy theory. The list includes menaces to society, as James Woods, Roseanne Barr, and Curt Schilling.

That's who wrote this article. She cannot hold a job. She's been fired from left-wing massive radical organizations. And rolling stone puts an editorial out. Gee. I wonder why.

And most likely, it will be the last editorial, she writes for -- I mean, if she's going to keep her record going. This will be the last one she writes. And then she'll find some other organization, that will play cover for her, as an actual journalist.

This is what you're up against.

This is why you have to pay attention. Because this poison, is being pushed out into the mainstream, by corporate media. Every single day. You have to know who it is, and how to allergy or tell your friends -- no. This isn't who this person is. Disregard it. Back in a minute.

And it's amazing to me, it's not -- it's not the right-wing sources, that are saying, hey, we should fire her. It's the left.

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