Jewish Liberals, Like All Liberals, Are Liberals First

RUSH: The Trump comment about liberal Jews, the disloyalty comment. Folks, this is the kind of line a lot of people look at it as a throwaway line. This line that Trump uttered is going to have more impact, positive impact for Trump, than many people will ever imagine. 'Cause basically what he said is that liberal Jews voting Democrat are being disloyal. He didn't mean disloyal to America. He meant disloyal to Israel.

And the thing is we've all thought this for I don't know how many years. We've all wondered, why doesn't anybody say it other than us? Trump comes along and says it, and he is being praised by some of the most prominent conservative Jewish people in this country as the king of Israel, as one of the greatest advocates for Israel. 'Cause it's been a very frustrating thing.

How is it that all of these liberal Jewish people vote Democrat? It's never made any sense, except if you understand one thing: Liberals are liberals first. That's the first thing that matters to them. That's their primary loyalty is to their ideology.

So Trump comes along and says it, and of course there is this natural overreaction sputtering and spitting by people in the media, can't believe Trump would say it, then they try to mischaracterize it that he’s accusing liberal Jewish people of being disloyal to America. They know what he meant exactly and they still mischaracterize it.

But the people about whom that question's been asked for years are celebrating. And again, it demonstrates Donald Trump is unique among politicians in his ability to connect with the vast majority of Americans and reflect what they are thinking.

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