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Kari Lake Continues to Fight for Millions of Disenfranchised Arizonans

BUCK: As promised, we’ve got Kari Lake with us now. As you know, she is still working to get the truth of everything that happened in the Arizona gubernatorial election for which she was the Republican candidate. Kari, thanks for calling in. Just take us to where things stand right now, because we get a lot of calls and emails asking us what’s going on with Kari Lake in Arizona.

LAKE: It’s a complicated situation out here, and especially because our laws are a little bit different. You know, to challenge an election, it has to be certified. And people don’t realize that. They’re saying, “Why don’t you have a court case going right now, considering everything that went wrong?” And, you know, I believe in coincidences, don’t get me wrong, but when you have one after the next, after the next things going wrong. When our voters were turning out on Election Day and basically Election Day turned into a debacle, run just terribly, all the machines breaking down at more than 60% of the polling places that were open Election Day only.

Printers not working to print ballots. People being told to throw their ballots in drawer three and it would be brought back and counted and some of those ballots got mixed in with the already counted votes. It was just… It was the most outrageously poorly run election, I think, in the history of elections. It makes 2020 look like it was done properly. I mean, it’s crazy what happened. But in order to challenge an election here, you have to have it certified. So, we’re waiting for the state to certify it, even though it was a sham election, and once that happens, that will trigger us to be able to then go ahead and file a lawsuit, which we are working on right now. And I feel very confident that we have an excellent lawsuit and that when the people see it, when the judge sees it, that they will act. You know, we can’t… guys, we can’t allow our elections to be run this way or we won’t have a country.

CLAY: What kind of thing are you asking the judges to do once the lawsuit is filed? In other words, what is the tangible result that you think should occur based on the evidence that you’ve seen?

LAKE: Well, you know, I don’t know how you remedy this, but I know you have to do something because we had, I’m going to say, millions of people disenfranchised. When you screw up one county that has 62% of our population, when it is run so badly, where the people who choose to vote on Election Day are discriminated against by having the system run so poorly with machines not working, tabulators not working, printers not working two, three, four or five-hour lines where people just said, I’m not even going to vote. Why would I wait in line that long? You’ve got to do something. Nobody trusts the elections. And I don’t know what that remedy is.

I think it could be… An acceptable remedy would be to run the election over, this time under proper independent supervision. You got to remember, Maricopa County is one of those mega-counties, one of the biggest in the country. As I said, 62% of Arizona’s entire population lives in one county. And the people running the Maricopa County election, the two men running it, Stephen Richer and Bill Gates, they ran, started a PAC, bringing in thousands of dollars to take down candidates like me, MAGA candidates. And turns out we found out when we dug into it, the only money they spent was to take down one particular candidate.

Can you guess who? Yours truly. So, the two guys running Maricopa County election ran a PAC to try to stop me, my campaign and our movement. Of course, my opponent runs these statewide elections and she never recused herself. One of the employees over at the ballot printing area, a place called Run Back, spent the past several months badmouthing me on Twitter. And one of the other people on the board of Supervisors who oversees and certifies the election is in Katie Hobbs’ transition team. There’s so much conflict of interest and will to do harm to our campaign. All of these people should have recused themselves.

BUCK: Kari, where does it stand now in the in the actual process? Have you filed suit? I mean, tell us what actions have been taken by your team as a result of what was obviously a deeply flawed election? That might be a charitable way to put it.

LAKE: Mm hmm. Well, we’ve got we filed one lawsuit, and that was to get access to public information because they’re dragging their feet trying to run out the clock over at Maricopa County. So, we filed that. We’ve been given a judge and we’re not sure. Hopefully he’s going to move really quickly. We just we’re asking for basic information. How many voters checked in, how many votes were cast, that kind of stuff. And they’re dragging their feet on giving us that information. So, that’s the lawsuit was filed. That is just a small lawsuit to get information that we have a right to have. And our big lawsuit will hit as soon as they certify the election. I believe that’s right around the 5th of December, maybe the sixth.

And we have, I believe, five business days after they certify to file that lawsuit and we will be doing so. So, I think the people in this country are saying, “Wow, we saw such a huge, amazing movement unlike anything we’ve seen here in Arizona.” And we really got people involved all over the country and they’re going, “Now what?” Well, we have to wait for the process because Arizona statute does not allow us to challenge an election until it’s been certified. And Cochise County right now is fighting the certification. They want answers because they feel their voters have been disenfranchised by the way Maricopa County ran the election. When one county screws up so badly, it affects every voter in the state.

BUCK: Do you have faith in the state judiciary that they will look at this based on the merits and not just a settled political question?

LAKE: Well, when you have this kind of dysfunction, I think that it’s incumbent upon us at this moment in history to take this up and tackle it. And I hope that the judges, you know, maybe in 2020, people got shamed for bringing up what happened in that election. And I believe that was a corrupt election through and through. And I’ve spoken out about that. We cannot continue to bury our heads in the sand. And that’s why I kept bringing up 2020 as saying we have to reform our elections so that they’re fair, honest and transparent for all voters, Democrats, Republicans alike, and independents.

And I hope that we get a judge who’s willing to be very fair and realize that when he or she looks their children or grandchildren in the face, that if we don’t tackle this with honesty about what’s happening in our elections, we can’t have shoddy and sham elections like this or we won’t have a country. So I’m going to hold out hope. I believe that God is guiding me on this. And as much as there’s been days where I just wanted to kind of, you know, lay in bed and say, “Oh, this fight is too big.” No, that’s not why God put us here. He did not lead us to this campaign, he didn’t lead me to this campaign to start a movement with we the people to quit when we go into overtime.

I look at us as in overtime right now and you don’t walk off the field when you’re in overtime. That’s when you ramp things up. That’s when you gear things up and step in. And anybody out there who’s listening, who’s thinking about, “Oh, we just have sham elections. It’s not worth voting anymore. It’s not worth taking part. Our system’s crumbling.” Look your children in the face. Look these young people in the face and say that to them, that their future is just going to be, what I believe would be enslavement by by the globalists. We have to fight for America. It’s the only thing worth fighting for right now.

CLAY: Kari, when you look at what happened in Arizona in 2020 and now what has happened in Arizona in 2022, I’ll use Florida as an example. When they had the disaster in 2000 and everybody remembers holding up the punch cards to see whether or not there was or was not a vote. All of the legal maneuvering and shenanigans that were necessary over what I think everybody is aware, was a very messy election in Florida in 2000. They went and fixed it. And now on 2022 or 2020 or whatever year you want to point to, 3 hours after the polls close, everybody knows exactly what happened in Florida and there’s virtually zero arguing about the results. Why can’t Arizona do that too?

LAKE: We should have done it after 2020. We were at ground zero. We had some lawmakers who really wanted to do this. But because of the news, when we did our forensic audit, which wasn’t a good audit, they just spent their day — all day, all night — trying to discredit anybody who said we need to look into this. And so, it never got accomplished because the lawmakers weren’t able to get… They had a majority, but it was a very small one vote majority. And there were a few people in the legislature on the Republican side who weren’t interested in election reform. And so we didn’t have the will to do it. I did have the will. I do have the will.

And we hope that the response to our lawsuit will be that we get a redo of the election and we can do the right thing for the people going forward. I didn’t get into politics because I want to be a politician. I got into it because I’m a mom who’s concerned about the future and we need to get people in there who the voters voted for who are going to do the right thing and reform our elections. It didn’t get done after 2020, sadly, and I was going to do it starting on my first day in office. And I think that’s one of the reasons that they don’t want me to win. That’s one of the reasons they want to stop our movement because we’re not controlled by the big money folks. We’re controlled by we the people. And that’s how our founding fathers envisioned it.

BUCK: Kari Lake, still in the fight, still in overtime.

LAKE: Absolutely.

BUCK: Kari, appreciate you joining us. And keep us in the loop. Let us know how it goes.

LAKE: I will. Look for that somewhere around the 12th — 10th, 11th, 12th of December.

BUCK: All right. Thanks so much.

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