Garret Lewis

Trump Campaign Aide Says There Were Multiple Spies, More Than Just FBI
Garret Talks To Ally Miller About Bowling Alley's Rotten Pipes
Trump's Epic Answer Why He Called MS-13 Animals
Sarah Sanders OWNS Crushes Journalist About MS-13 Animals Comment
Nancy Pelosi Defends MS-13, Attacks Trump Over "Animals" Comment
Media Caught Lying About What Trump Called MS-13 Gang Members
Garret Talks To Ally Miller About Pima County Buying Bowling Alley
Fantastic TV AD: George Gov Candidate Has "Deportation Bus"
Garret Talks To Ally Miller About Swamp Republicans Wanting...
Another Great Political Ad That Offends Snowflakes
Greatest Political Ad Of All Time - Illegal Aliens In Truck
McCain - "Go To Hell" If You're Mad He Turned Over...


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