The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris

The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris

The Conservative Circus is an irreverant look at the important issues of the day hosted by your Ringmaster, James T. Harris and his Producer, Aaron. The show is topical, fast paced, fun and unabashedly conservative.

Leland Conway Fills In For Garret Lewis

Former Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas talks immoral conduct in Arizona public schools

Immoral conduct is on the rise in AZ public schools.

Trump Stomps Nikki Haley in South Carolina & Latest Murder by an Illegal Signals a Turning Point

Nikki Haley vows to stay in the race despite suffering a sizeable defeat in her home state. Will Joe Biden call the family of Laken Riley? Byron Donalds dismantles Kristen Welker. Charlamagne tha God is under fire from the left. Dr. Jane Orient and Diane Douglas join the show.

Dr. Jane Orient discusses COVID vaccines

The Red Cross refuses take blood from the vaccinated.

Best of The Afternoon Addiction w/ Garret Lewis

Kari Lake joins Garret to talk about trying to bring the party together. James O'Keefe undercover journalist exposes illegal migrant housing at southern Arizona hotel.

Constantin Querard talks Senate race polling

Early polling in the AZ senate race doesn't look good for the GOP.

AZ Senate President Warren Petersen discusses case against Adrian Fontes

Maricopa County judge recuses himself from Adrian Fontes case.

AZ Speaker of the House Ben Toma discusses new bill teaching students about the atrocities of communism

Speaker Toma talks new bill and run for Congress.

Joe Biden's Brain has Left the Building & The Deep State is Bearing Down

Joe Biden continues to falter while the media gaslights. IRS unleashed on conservatives. The View defends Biden's dog. AZ attorney scores big props nationally. Ben Toma, Warren Petersen and CQ join the show. A new Conservative Circus Clown of the Week is named.

Networks Whine About Pressure On Biden and Securing The Border

Jeff Katz Fills in for Garret Lewis. KFYI'S James T. Harris's car gets hit by a bullet in a drive by on the way to work. Jimmy Kimmel mourns Biden not getting credit for election vs. Trump.