The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris

The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris

The Conservative Circus is an irreverant look at the important issues of the day hosted by your Ringmaster, James T. Harris and his Producer, Aaron. The show is topical, fast paced, fun and unabashedly conservative.

Dr. Zudhi Jasser discusses the southern border

Democrats' Insane Stance on Illegal Immigration Exposed & Juneteenth Weaponized

Illegal immigration threatens to bring America down to the rest of the world's level. Juneteenth has been weaponized! The Ten Commandments return to Louisiana public schools. Dr. Zudhi Jasser joins the show.

Trump 2024 Press Secretary Karoline Leavitt talks cheapfakes and Trump's Milwaukee comments

Are the viral Biden gaffes just 'cheapfakes'?

Ben Toma discusses the budget

We have a signed budget.

Art Del Cueto, National Border Patrol Council VP, weighs in on the Biden border and mass deportations

Art Del Cueto discusses the latest on the southern border.

Citizens Catch Illegal Rapist in New York & Media Pushes Trump Milwaukee Hoax

Illegal rapist caught by the people... is this America's future? Liberal news nets push Trump Milwaukee hoax. Cardi B weighs in on the draft. Biden mumbles about the border and amnesty. Art Del Cueto, Ben Toma and Karoline Leavitt join the show.

Biden Administration Pushes Amnesty for Illegals & Media Shocked over Black Vote Polling

The Biden administration is pushing for amnesty for hundreds of thousands of illegals. Trump is picking up steam with the black vote while Biden continues to slip. NYC Mayor Eric Adams and NY Gov. Kathy Hochul are suddenly anti-mask. Tommy Piggott joins the show.

Tommy Pigott, RNC Strategic Communications Director, weighs in on Biden's recent freeze-ups

Are the videos showing Biden's freeze-ups real or deep fakes?

Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell discusses DOJ report on the Phoenix Police Department

The DOJ accused the Phoenix Police Department of engaging in discriminatory practices.

AZ Senate President Warren Petersen talks budget

The AZ legislature just passed one of the most fiscally conservative budgets in the last 10 years.